In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, we’re seeing unlisted sales on Hulk, the original Ultimate Universe, Dark Horse SF, Red Hood and a tiny bit of Batman

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

Here we go again. We don’t know if there’s a new policy at Amazon to take down the expiring sales and not post new ones for 24-48 hours or there’s been another posting error… but we know there are some new sales up and we know you were wondering… so here’s what we’re seeing.

As usually we’ll be back at the end of the week with the actual sales links, things that we missed, and recommendations. This is more of a quick and dirty while we’re scavenging.

Hulk Smash Prices Like Used Cars

Hulk Planet Hulk Immortal Hulk

Looks like this is probably a Hulk legacy sale with (nearly) everything on sale?

  • Incredible Hulk (1962 – 1999) The original run and then the long running series that picked up a few years later.
  • Tales to Astonish (1964-68) In between the two Hulk solo runs above, Hulk was splitting Tales to Astonish with Ant-Man/Giant Man and then Namor. A lot of the foundational work was really in this run, with Stan Lee/Steve Ditko responsible for a lot of it.
  • Incredible Hulk (1999-2007) – Best known for the Bruce Jones / Lee Weeks/ Mike Deodato run towards the beginning and the Greg Pak / multi-artist “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” epics at the end… though World War Hulk is at this different link.
  • Hulk (2008-13) This is the Red Hulk run (and the title changes to that after awhile). It starts out with the better known Jeph Loeb/Ed Mc Guiness run and then Jeff Parker takes over with Gabriel Hardman, Dave Eaglesham and Patrick Zircher in the artist rotation.
  • Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron (2011-12) – Lots of artists rotating through here, Marc Silvestri, Steve Dillon and Carlos Pacheco among them
  • Indestructible Hulk (2012 – 14) – Mark Waid’s the writer with an artist rotation including Leinil Francis Yu, Matteo Scalera and Walt Simonson draws the Thor team-up.
  • Hulk by Waid and Duggan (2014-15) – That would be Mark Waid and Gerry Duggan with Duggan doing the bulk of the run. Mark Bagley is the main artist here.
  • The Totally Awesome Hulk (2015-17) – This would be Amadeus Cho’s turn as Hulk, which mean Greg Pak is you primary writer with an artist rotation including Frank Cho, Alan Davis and Luke Ross
  • Immortal Hulk (2018-21) – Al Ewing’s masterpiece as the Hulk slides over towards horror and find a green door that leads to Hell.
  • Hulk (2021-23) – The Donny Cates / Ryan Ottley run

We don’t think it’s really a sale price on the first volume of the current Johnson/Klein series (but we’re enjoying it).

The Ultimate Call-Back

Ultimates Ultimate Fantastic Four Ultimate Comics - The Ultimates

Looks like the original Ultimate Universe is also on sale.

Spaced Out


Looks like some sort of science fiction sale over at Dark Horse. We’ll dig in a little more at the end of the week, but for now, a couple likely lads are Nexus, the classic Mike Baron/Steve Rude series about a reluctant assassin with superhero trappings (although it’s not really a superhero series) and Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright – now in a big ‘ole omnibus edition.

Bats on Deck?

Batman: A Death in the Family  Batman: Death of the Family

DC might be holding out with just last week’s continuing Suicide Squad / Justice League sale… but we’re seeing an odd Batman juxtaposition on sale:

And then some Red Hood. First the New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws by Scott Lobdell and (initially) Kenneth Rocafort, then the Scott Lobdell / Dexter Soy / Pete Woods DC Rebirth run of  Red Hood and the Outlaws.

It’s getting around the time of the year for a Bat-sale, so this might be the run up?

Anyway, we’ll be back at the end of the week to look at the “official” sales, which ought to have been posted by then.

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