In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, now with *official* links and listings, Marvel discounts Black Panther and Miles Morales. DC drops prices on Suicide Squad and Justice League comics. Plus, an unlisted Dark Horse Horror Sale.

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T’Challa Forever

Black Panther Masterworks  Black Panther by Priest  Black Panther

The Marvel Black Panther Sale runs through Monday, 2/26.

  • The Don McGregor era (AKA, pre-Priest), where Don McGregor was primary author… with a notable Kirby interlude. The best way to navigate the multiple editions is:
  • The Chrisopher Priest era  – with art by Mark Texiera, M.D. Bright and Sal Velluto (among others)
  • The Reggie Hudlin era (yes, “House Party” / “Boomerang” Hudlin) – with art by John Romita, Jr., Scot Eaton and Denys Cowan (among others)
    • Separate from the regular series is the excellent Flags of Our Fathers by Hudlin and Denys Cowan, which features a WWII era tale of Captain America “visiting” Wakanda and meeting T’Challa’s grandfather, the Black Panther of that period.
  • The Ta-Nehisi Coates era (yes, from The Atlantic) – while the volumes are numbered consecutively, it’s split into two listing
    • Part one – with art by Brian Stelfreeze and Chris Sprouse (among others)
    • Part two – with art by Daniel Acuna and Kev Walker (among others)
  • The John Ridley era (Yes, Oscar-winner Ridley from 12 Years a Slave) – with art by Juann Cabal and German Peralta
  • The Eve Ewing era – We think V. 1 is discounted slightly?

That first McGregor / Graham run really is the foundational work for everything that comes and should be read first. As a major bonus, it’s great work and ahead of its time.

Priest’s extended run lives up to it’s reputation for excellence, so that’s your second must-read for exploring the Panther.

We like Hudlin’s run, too. For something a little off the beaten path, Range Wars is something you get for the titular arc that’s the last two issues of the collection. John Ridley and German Peralta offer a particularly savage satire of colonialism.

There’s a bit more to sale, but the above is the core.

The Once and Future Ultimate Spidey

  Miles Morales: Spider-Man  Miles Morales

The Marvel Miles Morales Sale runs through Monday, 2/26.

Miles, of course, was the second Ultimate Spider-Man, but that world no longer exists and now there’s a new Ultimate Spider-Man and… we wouldn’t want to explain that to somebody walking in off the street.

For the first Brian Bendis/David Marquez/Sara Pichelli run, you’re probably best off with the Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection set.

Then jump to the Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Vol. 2 collection for the ’16 Bendis/Pichelli/Nico Leaon run. (Do not ask us why the first omnibus isn’t on sale…)

And after that wraps, it’s time for Miles Morales by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garron.

The current series (only V.1 is discounted and we didn’t see it on the sale page) is Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Cody Ziglar and Federico Vicentini. 

Something About a Video Game

Justice League of America  Suicide Squad  Suicide Squad Bad Blood

The DC Suicide Squad and Justice League Sale runs though Monday, 2/12.

When it comes to Suicide Squad, we have a strong preference for the original run where the undercurrent of humor was more the bailiwick of Captain Boomerang. Now, that said… who doesn’t like a Tom Taylor / Bruno Redondo take on… anything?

And a Justice League Sale

Under the radar?  The Christopher Priest / Pete Woods arc from ~3 years back. It’s just good comics without silly crossovers.

Justice was a maxi-series from Jim Kreuger / Doug Braithwaite / Alex Ross with a certain “Legion of Doom” vibe to it.

The Nail is Alan Davis with an A+ Elseworlds take on a Justice League on a world where Superman did not emerge as the first hero.

Plenty of side series and ancillary material to be browsed in this one.

Dark Horse

Baltimore Omnibus 1  Hellsing  The Seeds

Dark Horse sales continue to be unannounced on Amazon – no clue why. The usual warning applies that we’re not entirely sure how long there are running. There appears to be a horror sale going on… and Dark Horse has lots of horror titles, so if you go poking around, there’s plenty of stuff to be seen. Some highlights we’ve noticed:

Yes, Mike Mignola and Cullen Bunn dominate here, don’t they?

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