In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, it’s a huge Captain America sale for the Fourth of July. Plus, Wolverine and What If? get discounts from Marvel, Nightwing gets prices cut from DC and a bevy of unannounced sales and more Marvel “Maybe” Sales.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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Super Soldier Sale

Captain America: The Secret Empire  Captain America: Man Without a Country  Captain America & the Falcon by Christopher Priest

The Marvel Captain America 4th of July Sale runs through Monday, 7/8.

Seems like an appropriate call for the holiday.

There’s a lot of material to cover here, so we’ll go with the usual format and start by breaking out the major series involved

So… do you think Captain America gets relaunched enough? The current JMS relaunch isn’t even in the sale… and it takes things on more of an urban fantasy spin than you’re likely expecting, too.

Some recommendations? Absolutely.  And no Masterworks on sale this time. (Masterworks seem to be on sale less often in ’24 for whatever reason.)

For Silver/Bronze Age adventures,  Captain America Lives Again catches the bulk of the early Lee/Kirby run. Jump ahead to “Hero or Hoax,” which you’re getting for the final arc, which begins the superlative Steve Englehart/Sal Buscema era. “The Secret Empire” is the bulk of the Englehart/Buscema run. “The Man Who Sold The United States” wraps up Englehart/Buscema and includes Madbomb, the beginning of Jack Kirby’s return run that is way more timely than it should be in the age of social media outrage.

Jump ahead to By Dawn’s Early Light,” which you’re looking at for the all too brief Roger Stern / John Byrne run.  The highlight of the J.M. DeMatties / Mike Zeck run is their wrap up with the Red Skull in “Sturm und Drang.

The Captain is the sequence from the Mark Gruenwald run where Steve Rogers loses the shield and his Captain America identity for a time. That’s the famous one. You might consider backing up a volume for “Justice is Served,” which introduces the Super-Patriot and leads into the more famous sequence a bit.

Once you get past around the middle of the Gruenwald run, your best of the best is anything written by Mark Waid or Ed Brubaker, and know that Brubaker, first run is basically one long and epic story – and be sure to get Reborn or you’re missing a piece.

More Wolverine!

Wolverine: Logan  The Incredible Hulk - And Now the Wolverine  Wolverine Vs. The Punisher

The Marvel Wolverine & The Marvel Universe Sale runs through Monday, 7/15.

Yes, we’re getting more Wolverine sales as the movie approaches. We’ll probably get more Deadpool sales, too.

This is as eclectic an assortment of Wolverine comics as you could think up. Some miniseries and one-shots. Some compilations. Some shorter runs. Let’s start out by picking out some of the highlights in list format.

What’s good here?

Weapon X, the origin of how Wolverine got his adamantium skeleton is the undisputed classic of the bunch.

Wolverine & Nick Fury: Scorpio has an Archie Goodwin tale in it and we’re big on Goodwin at the tower of cheap. Howard Chaykin drawing one tale and writing another in it? That’s a bonus.

Wolverine vs. The Punisher also has several interesting creative teams in a big package.

The under the radar book is Wolverine: LoganThat’s a pre-Saga Brian K. Vaughan collaborating with an Eduardo Risso who’d just finished 100 Bullets. Definitely an interesting pairing. One might say explosive, but that would be a spoiler.

Winging It

Nightwing  Nightwing  New Teen Titans

The  DC Nightwing Anniversary Sale runs through Monday, 7/8.

How long has Dick Grayson been Nightwing? Since Tales of the Teen Titans #44, July 1984. Book 3 of The Judas Contract, to be specific.

Let’s break this sale down by series highlights:

  • Nightwing (’96 – ’09) – Probably most strongly associated with Chuck Dixon / Scott McDaniel / Greg Land
  • Nightwing (’11-’14) – Kyle Higgins / Eddy Barrow
  • Grayson (’14 – ’16) – Tom King / Tim Seely / Mikel Janin; Dick Grayson goes undercover, infiltrating a mysterious international spy organization called “Spyral.” Spies + Wiseguy + Superheroes
  • Nightwing (’16- present)

And from the world of New Teen Titans / Titans:

  • New Teen Titans (’80-’88) – Marv Wolfman / George Perez / Jose Luis Garcia Lopez / Eduardo Baretto
  • New Titans (’84-’96) – Wolfman / Tom Grummett
  • Titans (’16-’19) – Dan Abnett / Brett Booth

What’s good? The current Taylor / Redondo run is Top Notch! We highly recommend it and think it starts hitting it’s stride in V. 2.

We also think highly of New Teen Titans. Depending on you talk to, it’s at minimum, good through The Judas Contract and the return of Trigon in the first arc of the DM-only relaunch. We’d probably say you can take it at least through Perez’s return engagement of ~50-61, which is further than the current collections reach.

Or Else?

What If?  What If

The Marvel What If? Sale runs through Monday, 7/8.

We have a preference for the original What If, here, but we’d like to point something out to you first. When you go to the series link for the original, toward the top of the page, you’ll see a new navigation feature that’s a little more relevant here. Under the series graphic on the left hand side is a pulldown menu where you can select “Volumes” or “Omnibus.” Volumes being the “normal” sized collections.  We’ll have to have a longer look at how that’s implemented. It might be useful… IF it works.  In this case it only shows the omnibus on sale. Yes, that’s right, there are actually four omnibuses containing ~12 issues each of What If. Only one of them is on sale and that’s the only one that shows up on the Omnibuses page, ergo the Omnibuses page appears to be broken. (Why are you acting surprised?)

So, here’s the link for the “regular” volumes. Here’s the link for the lone omnibus on sale (which is issues #1-12).  And we’ll look at some of the more interesting stuff in the individual volumes, since What If is all over the map. Some of these are going to sound awfully darn familiar, too.  What If seems like a gold mine for pitching your editor!

  • #1 – What If Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four? (V. 1 / Omnibus)
  • #2 – What If The Hulk Had the Brain of Bruce Banner? (V. 1 / Omnibus)
  • #10 – What If Jane Foster Had Found the Hammer of Thor? (V. 2 / Omnibus)
  • #12 – What If Rick Jones Had Become The Hulk? (V. 2 / Omnibus)
  • #13 – What If Conan the Barbarian Walked the Earth Today?  (NOPE, no longer collected)
  • #23 – What If The Hulk Had Become a Barbarian? (V. 4)
  • #30 – What If Spider-Man’s Clone Had Lived? (V. 5)
  • #35 – What If Elektra Had Lived? (V.6)
  • #37 – What If The Beast and The Thing Continued to Mutate? (V.6)
  • #43 – What If Conan Were Stranded in the 20th Century? (No longer collected).

We’re not saying this was a try-out book like Marvel Premiere or Showcase, but flash forward a couple decades and some of the topics started turning up nice and regular… and still are.

The Marvel “Maybe” Sales

Thor Modern Epic Collection  Hawkeye  Avengers by Jed MacKay

The trend we noticed last week is still moving forward. New releases at lower than expected price points and discounted pre-orders. Is this the new normal? We’re not sure, but let’s run them down.

Released this week

Pre-Order for Next Week

We’re not quite sure what’s going on with these prices, but we’ll give you a heads up if it looks like it’s cheaper than it would normally be.

Unannounced DC Sales?

Wonder Woman New 52   Wonder Woman by Gail Simone  Wonder Woman

We’re still seeing these discounts. It’s a mystery, but they’re there.

Unannounced Indie Sales
Glass Town  The Last Book You'll Ever Read   Nobody's Fool

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