Comixology has a new variation on the Marvel BOGO and this one’s interesting.

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If you’re a Comixology Unlimited Subscriber – Marvel comics are 50% off until 4/19 at 11pm ET. Just log in and if you’re a Comixology Unlimited subscriber you’ll see the discounts. Yes, new comics are part of this – everything except “series subscriptions and bundles” – but there’s a loophole to series subscriptions: Pre-Orders!

So if you’re cheap, it looks like you can kill your series subscription and just pre-order the comics.  If you want to order, here’s a great way to do it. This is the “Release Date” page for this week’s Marvel Comics. Go there and then keep hitting the next week button.  You can preorder through the last new comics day in June.  At 50% off.

So if you have Comixology Unlimited now is the time to be cheap.