In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, DC has a new set of $1.99/$2.99 titles, include more recent selections and a heads up on the latest Marvel sale incidents.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

First a little housekeeping. We’re not sure what’s going on with the Marvel sales this week, so we’re going to look at DC right now, since they have another holiday-priced ($1.99/$2.99) sale, and then circle back around to Marvel at the end of the week at the usual time.

Marvel’s sales from two weeks ago are still up – we’re not sure if they’re supposed to be – and we have some Nega-Band action! (This is when two sales occupy the same URL. Reload ~5 times and watch the sales switch places, just like Mar-Vell and Rick Jones did with their Nega-Bands.)

The Heroes Reborn Sale and Marvel 20th Century Sale occupy the same URL. And that’s supposed to be 20th Century Fox – Planet of the Apes / Aliens / Predator. We also don’t think this Planet of the Apes Omnibus is supposed to be $6.99, so if it’s appealing, you might want to grab it before it gets corrected.

The Marvel Omnibus sale page is still up, but except for the Aliens collections, the prices are no longer $19.99, so heads up on that. The Secret Wars prices seem to be intact.

And, 6 hours later, there have been some adjustments. But we’re still not sure that PoA price will stand.

It’s always something, isn’t it?

Freshly Discounted

The DC Recent Hits Sale runs through Monday, 12/11.

This is a fairly odd sale. It appears to be collected editions released from the first week of September and then back as far as April ’21.  That said, there a lot of the $1.99/$2.99 price points of the last few weeks (it must be the holiday season) and this will be the first time a decent chunk of these have been on sale, so let’s hit the highlights (roughly speaking, from newest to oldest):

Nightwing  DCeased: War of the Undead Gods  Gotham City: Year One

  • Gotham City: Year One by Tom King and Phil Hester. This one needs some contextual framing. First off, we’re under the impression this isn’t a Black Label title, so it could be in continuity. It sure reads like a Black Label. From a Batman perspective, it’s an attempt to explain how Gotham City got to its current state. From a reader perspective, this isn’t a Batman comic. It’s hardboiled/noir detective story somewhere in between the Hammett and Spillane schools, featuring Slam Bradley (who is, broadly speaking, more in the Mike Hammer role than Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe). There’s been a kidnapping. The Wayne family is involved. Bradley doesn’t realize he’s up to his chin in sewage until he’s trapped. It’s a good detective (graphic) novel that might actually be better if it wasn’t tied into the Bat-mythos. Don’t get it for a child thinking it’s just a Batman comic, though. This one goes to dark places.
  • DCeased: War of the Undead Gods by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine – the final chapter in the DCeased series of mini-series. We know a lot of you have been waiting on this to get a discount.
  • Batman V.2: The Bat-Man of Gotham – Chip Zdarksky / Mike Hawthorne. 2nd Zdarksky collection. If you go to the end of the series page, you’ll also see V.1 of Zdarky run, the Josh Williamson collection and the final Tynion Fear State on sale for $1.99/$2.99.
  • Batman: The Knight – Speaking of Zdarksy, this is his take on Bruce Wayne’s training years with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico.
  • The Human Target – Tom King / Greg Smallwood. Still on sale. Still great, especially at $1.99 a volume.
  • Nightwing Vol. 3: The Battle for Bloodhaven’s Heart – Tom Taylor / Bruno Redondo. This was not on sale last week and will put you back $2.99. First two volumes are $1.99@ and still on sale. And this volume is very nearly a Titan’s tale.
  • Batman: One Bad Day – The whole line is $1.99/volume.
  • Wonder Woman Historia – The Amazons Kelly Sue DeConnick / Phil Jimenz / Gene Ha / Nicola Scott. Want to see some absolutely jaw dropping art? This one.
  • Black Adam: Theology – Priest / Rafa Sandoval / Eddy Barrows.  Black Adam catches a plague and thinks about his line of succession. Priest exploring a really odd angle? Go figure. Interesting read with a caveat: we’re not sure if V.2 is going to be collected or not in digital, so you might need single issues to finish the series. (Print orders apparently didn’t meet DC’s expectations?)
  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest – Mark Waid / Dan Mora. If you’re looking for the classic/traditional DC feel, this is your book. Bats and Supes encounter a demon and the Doom Patrol is along for the ride. Lots of fun and Mora has made the transition to superheroes VERY well.
  • Batman: Killing Time – Tom King/David Marquez. We’ve mentioned it before but a solid noir/caper tale.
  • Suicide Squad V.1: Trial by Fire – John Ostrander / Luke McDonnell. You remember on Friday, we said that V. 1 of the original series would be on sale soon enough. Well, it’s on sale. As we’re typing this, it looks like the entire series is now on sale, but we’re not sure how much longer V.2-8 will be $1.99, so heads up.
  • The Flash: The Death of Iris West – Cary Bates / Alex Savuik / Don Heck. A collection that digitally suffers from HC pricing is now $4.99 in digital, so if you’re curious now is the time. This is a real oddity. First off, she’s going by Iris Allen at this point in the continuity, not Iris West. This is the famed storyline where Professor Zoom murders her and Barry loses it. It’s a particular oddity because this is a fairly early attempt to write a DC comic in more of a Marvel style with more subplots lurking in the background before coming to the surface. And not all of it works. Some folks swear by this arc, though.

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