The Marvel Buy One, Get One Free sale at Comixology adds Deadpool to the extra discount lineup.

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We’re in the home stretch of the Marvel Buy One, Get One Free is back. Click that link, get that code and stack the BOGO on top of the current sales.  The sale ends on Monday, 9/27 at 11PM ET.  Fine print says the offer is no good on comics that came out after 8/25/21, pre-orders or Max titles, among other things.

The absolute best deals on with a Marvel BOGO sale are when you put a couple a books that are already on sale into your shopping cart and then add that BOGO code.  You effectively get another 1/2 off the sale price and you enter the real of EXTRA CHEAP

The Discounts with The Mouth

And Marvel has added a new sale to  the lineup. The Marvel Deadpool Vs. Sale runs through Thursday, 9/30.

What’s “Vs.” mean? It’s a Deadpool Team-up sale, with titles like Deadpool Team-Up, Deadpool vs. X-Force (featuring early Pepe Larraz art) and the Cullen Bunn / Dalibor Talajic  classic of milieu, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool Team-Up   Deadpool vs. X-Force   Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

And if you head back to our last installment, we’ll give you the scoop on stacking the BOGO discounts on top of the Doctor Strange and X-Men: Inferno sales.