Comixology (at Amazon) Sales: Howard the Duck; Doctor Who; Aliens; Inhumans; Planet of the Apes and Ms. Tree

In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, Marvel discounts the unique mix of Howard the Duck, Inhumans and Alien. Plus, Doctor Who and Ms. Tree.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

You can find the highlights of this week’s DC sale here (plenty of $1.99 collected editions).

And a quick word about the Marvel sales. There’s usually a Masterworks sale around the holidays. You want what you want, when you want it… but keep that in the back of your mind. At this point we’re not sure if they’re holding that back for NYE or not, but we can’t imagine it’s not coming.  That said…

Duck Soup

Howard the Duck  Howard the Duck  Howard the Duck

The Marvel Howard the Duck Sale runs through Monday, 12/11.

The original 27-issue Howard the Duck run by Steve Gerber/Frank Brunner/Gene Colan is a classic and a delight. (You may have noticed Gerber has several classics, too.) Wonderful comics.

Now, Howard was Geber’s baby and Gerber didn’t necessarily like other people writing Howard. We tend to feel that way, too, but you be you.  After a handful of issues post-Gerber, the series was relaunched (outside the comics code) as Howard the Duck Magazine. That was largely written by Bill Mantlo with Gene Colan, John Buscema and Michael Golden on art.

Then in ’15 (possibly due to a movie cameo), Howard got brought back by Chip Zdarksy and Joe Quinones. First in a mini-series. Then in a regular series.

We’re So Glad Disney Re-Acquired the Film Rights and Ended the Nightmare…

Inhumans.  The Origin of the Inhumans  Inhumans: Once and Future Kings

The Marvel Inhumans Sale runs through Monday, 12/11.

Yeah, sign us up for the “The Inhumans shouldn’t replace the X-Men” party. And yes, Ms. Marvel should have been a mutant the entire time. Notarize it.

With Inhumans comics there is one volume that stands far above the rest: Inhumans by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, which was part of the old Marvel Knights imprint when it came out as a 12 issue maxi-series. That’s your gold standard.

Curiously, the Black Bolt series by Saladin Ahmend and Christian Ward isn’t in the sale. We’d have probably slotted that at #2. It’s quite good and the first six issues? Extra special.

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the beginning. Inhumans: The Origin of the Inhumans is a collection of the early Stan Lee & Jack Kirby appearances from Fantastic Four and Thor. It’s also a thick 425 pages.

For something under the radar? Inhumans: Once and Future Kings by Priest and Phil Noto. Inhuman politics from the younger days of Black Bolt and Maximus… plus, Lockjaw comics.


The Marvel 20th Century Sale runs through Monday, 12/11.

Aliens: The Original Years  Alien  Planet of the Apes Adventures

And by “20th Century,” they mean 20th Century Fox. These are movie comics.

The Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus program is extended from last month’s omnibus sale. That’s the Dark Horse Aliens material. The first chunk of that Dark Horse Aliens material is also available in an Epic Collection, if you’d rather just dip a toe in. It’s likely the rest will eventually get in Epic format, but that will likely take a few years.

You may recall that Marvel was doing some new Aliens material. It’s true and we quite enjoyed it. Phillip Kennedy Johnson writes it. Salvador Larocca illustrates the first two volumes and Julius Ohta does the third. Weyland-Yutani Corporation is the through line for these tales, as you might expect, manipulating all manner of things as they look for that perfect weaponized life form. This one is split up oddly – Vol. 1 & 2 are here, while Vol. 3 is here.

And for something a little more odd, there’s Planet Of The Apes Adventures: The Original Marvel Years. What is this? Marvel’s Planet of the Apes magazine adapted the first two films. Marvel then reprinted the adaptations in color as the “normal” Adventures on the Planet of the Apes comic. Doug Moench writes, George Tuksa illustrates the first film and Alfredo Acala illustrates Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Unusually, they’ve got this “omnibus” priced at $6.99, although this is a lot skinner than the typical omnibus.


Ms. Tree

The Titan Ms. Tree Sale runs through Sunday, 12/31.

You don’t hear the name pop up that often, but Ms. Tree had a 50-issue run (plus specials) before DC Comics picked it up for a ~2.5 year run as an ~80 page quarterly, at which point everything stopped. Including the specials, that’s pushing the equivalent of a 100-issue run. Not something many 80s/90s indies can boast of.

Max Allan Collins, these days, is probably best known as the writer of The Road to Perdition. When this started he was fresh off some awards for his detective novels and was also writing the Dick Tracy comic strip. He was joined on his comic book adventure by Terry Beatty, who’s currently writing and drawing the Rex Morgan, MD comic strip.

Ms. Tree’s premise is essentially “what if Mike Hammer got killed and Velda took over?” (Velda being Hammer’s secretary who’s quite a bit more hardboiled in the books than in the TV adaptations.) So this is a Mickey Spillane/Mike Hammer-esque detective series. And yes, these days Collins – at Spillane’s request – has been completing the manuscripts and manuscript fragments from Spillane’s files. So if you’re looking for Spillane-esque, this is pretty close to official.

Now, these collections are somewhat out of order. V. 1 and V.2 are actually collecting the Ms. Tree Quarterly stories from DC, which weren’t collected before. V. 3 goes back to the beginning and starts going through the original material, which did have a couple different book collections (including mass market paperback).

V.1 – 3 are here.

V.4 (and the upcoming, not discounted, V.5) are here.

Knock Knock

Doctor Who

The Titan 10th Doctor Sale runs through Monday, 1/15.

That’s 10th Doctor as in David Tennant’s first run on Doctor Who. Nick Abadzis is your writer, initially with Elena Casagrande and then Giorgia Sposito on art.

It’s available as single issues and collected editions.

We would point out that five issues @ $0.99 is cheaper than a five issue collection for $5.99. Just saying…

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Still on Sale

Comixology (at Amazon) Sales: Black Friday Sales Part 1 – Marvel Omnibuses, Star Wars: The High Republic; Heroes Reborn

In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, Black Friday has arrived with Marvel’s Omnibus Sale, plus discounts on Heroes Reborn and Star Wars: The High Republic.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

(Disclosure: If you buy something we link to on our site, we may earn a commission.)

In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

Surprise, surprise… normally we expect to see Marvel having an Epic Collection Sale the week of Black Friday.  Apparently, that’s not the case this year. They whipped out an Omnibus sale instead.  As we go into holiday sale season, we’ll be looking at the Marvel sale today and the rest of the sale at the end of the week.


The Marvel Omnibus Sale runs through Monday, 12/4.

What we’re looking at here, for the most part, are $19.99 Omnibus editions. How good a deal are these? Depends on the age on the material and what kind of sales you see on it during the year. These editions tend to run in the roughly 800-1000 page range, 40-ish issues. This may be a better deal on newer material and there are a few things you’re only getting in the Omnibus format.

One observation we’ll make. With the print omnibuses, some people complain they’re a little to big to comfortably handle and read. Nobody makes that complaint with digital.

What’s catching our eye, here?

Incredible Hulk by Peter David Omnibus 1-5. That would be Hulk by David with that ridiculous sequence of artists he had, including Todd McFarlane, Gary Frank, Dale Keown, Angel Medina and Liam Sharp. 1-4 collect his original run and V. 5 collects some of the many times he’s revisited Hulk since the original run ended. Why the omnibus? Because this is a weird run to pick up in collected editions. It starts out in “Marvel Visionary” editions and eventually switches over to Epic Collections. This is just a drastically easier way to grab an exceptionally long run and probably cheaper than waiting to score the Visionary editions on sale. We also don’t mind tipping our hat to Peter David when he’s recovering from some health problems.

Aliens: The Original Years – Dark Horse had the Aliens license a really long time and had a lengthy and popular run with the franchise. If you want it, there’s an Epic Collection that contains about half of the first omnibus. Otherwise, if you want these tales, it’s either the omnibuses or back issues.

Captain Britain Omnibus – This has everything from the beginning of the 70s UK run through Captain Britain Magazine and the early X-Men appearances. What you’re really getting this for are the excellent and groundbreaking Alan Moore/Alan Davis and Jamie Delano/Alan Davis runs from the end of this period, which we’re not currently seeing available elsewhere. The rest is a bonus.

Incredible Hulk by Peter David   Aliens: The Original Years   Captain Britain Omnibus

Knights of Pendragon Omnibus was out of the Marvel UK office. Knight of Pendragon was a Captain Britain-adjacent title. Dai Thomas, the supporting character from the main strip, is more of the central character with Captain Britain and Union Jack along for the ride. This was largely a Dan Abnett/John Tomlinson/Garry Erksine feature. You get some Brian Hitch art from Mys-Tech Wars and Carlos Pacheco art from Dark Guard. This is another where if you want the comics, it’s Omnibus or the back issue bins.

Miracleman Omnibus is the 80s revival of the British character Marvelman by Alan Moore, Gary Leach, Alan Davis, John Totleben and Rick Veitch. Another of Moore’s pre-Watchmen superhero deconstructions with a Captain Marvel (Shazam)-like character rediscovering his magic word after years of a normal life and very bad things following that. A landmark book that fell to the wayside after years and years of legal battles over who held which rights. This one isn’t on sale very often it’s roughly as cheap as you’ll find it.

Predator: The Original Years – Much like Aliens (and where do you think the movie people got the idea for Aliens vs. Predator?) Dark Horse had the Predator license for a really long time. These are the original Predator comics. Some of them you can get digital single issues of for $1.99@ and some of them you’d need to dive into the back issue bins for.

Knights of Pendragon   Miracleman Omnibus   Predator: The Original Years

And, NOT LISTED on the sale page:

Planet Of The Apes Adventures: The Original Marvel Years

Planet of the Apes Adventures


The  Marvel Heroes Reborn sale runs through… Tuesday 11/21?!?

OK, we’re thinking there was a typo and it’s running through Monday, 11/27?

At any rate, Heroes Reborn was when (spinning out of the X-Men storyline of Onslaught), Marvel’s frontline heroes were relocated to a different dimension/incarnations and Marvel outsourced those titles to Image.

Those books were:

  • Heroes Reborn: Avengers – originally Jim Valentino/Rob Liefeld, with Jeph Loeb, Ian Churchill, Walter Simonson and Michael Ryan all having turns.
  • Heroes Reborn: Iron Man – originally Jim Lee / Scott Lobdell / Whilce Portatco with Ryan Benjamin and Jeph Loeb tagging in later.
  • Heroes Reborn: Captain America – Rob Liefeld w/Jeph Loeb, later James Robinson/Joe Bennett
  • Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four – *WARNING* as we type this, somebody forgot to put this on sale. Maybe the sale price is adjusted, maybe not. This was originally Jim Lee w/ Brandon Choi, with Brett Booth and Ron Lim eventually tagging in on art duties

All the heroes returned to their old forms in the Marvel Universe in Heroes Reborn: The Return

And then the titles relaunched. Not everything relaunched is in the sale (notably the WONDERFUL Kurt Busiek/George Perez Avengers) but we loved both “Captain America: Heroes Return” – better known as the second Mark Waid / Ron Garney run and “Iron Man: Heroes Return,” which was Kurt Busiek / Sean Chen. Top runs for both characters, really.

Captain America Heroes Return   Iron Man: Heroes Reborn

How High?

The Marvel High Republic Sale runs through… 11/21?

Again, we think this is a typo and it’ll run through Monday, 11/27, but I guess we’ll find out?

What’s this, it’s the new Star War initiative taking place during the “height” of the Galactic Republic, prior to the rise of the Empire. Which is to say, the Golden Age of the Jedi.

What’s on sale?

Star Wars: The High Republic   Star Wars: The High Republic - Season 2   Star Wars: The High Republic - The Blade

What else is newly on sale (that we’ll look at later in the week)?

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Still on Sale

Comixology Sales: Archie Vs. Predator! Deadpool! Spawn! and DC’s Crisis of Events on Sale!

This week’s Comixology Sales include Deadpool, DC’s Events over the years, Spawn and Dark Horse put the Aliens and Predator lines on sale ahead of Marvel’s versions.

(Disclosure: If you buy something we link to on our site, we may earn commission.)

Crisis on Infinite Sales

The DC Event & Mini Series Sale  runs through Monday (12/14).  It’s a little heavier on Events.  For a somewhat recent title, Event Leviathan has made its to the discount zone. The Brian Bendis/Alex Maleev  tale of a mysterious criminal conspiracy moving on DC’s spy organizations in preparation for a takeover was supposed to have a sequel, Event Leviathan: Checkmate that hasn’t been rescheduled yet.

DC’s best event in recent(ish) memory is probably Multiversity.  Grant Morrison went about exploring the multiverse with Frank Quitely and a posse of A-list artists in tow.  Not that the multiverse might suddenly be relevant at DC again or anything… This is a nice thick 450 page package, too.

Going back a hair further to the Before New 52 Times, Sinestro Corps War is probably the pinnacle of the celebrated Geoff Johns era on Green Lantern. This first GL event kept it tightly in the family with just Green LanternGreen Lantern Corps and an Event special.

Event Leviathan   Multiversity   Green Lantern - Sinestro Corps War

The Merc with the Discount

The Deadpool Vs.  The Marvel Universe Sale (Amazon link) runs through Sunday (11/13). The first thing you’re thinking when you read that sale name is probably Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe  by Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic. And you’d be right to think that. It’s the first thing listed on sale.  There are several volumes of Cullen Bunn’s various Deadpool titles, as it happens.

The sale is made up of several of the “side” series Deadpool has had over the years… and that’s a fairly long list.  For a couple alternate ideas, Deadpool Vs. X-Force is written by Duane Swierczynski with some relatively early Marvel art by Pepe Larraz, who’s certainly on the A-list today.

And if you’d like a bit of high concept snark, Deadpool’s Art of War by Peter David and Scott Koblish has the Merc with the Mouth in a get rich quick scheme involving translating Sun Tzü’ venerable tome and… things don’t go quite as planned.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe   Deadpool vs. X-Force   Deadpool's Art of War

Lots of Marvel still on sale in the bottom section.


Image lines up with a Spawn sale (Amazon link) through Thursday, 12/17. This is one very long series.  The 20 volumes of Spawn Origins takes you through #122, then the titled volumes pick up a bit later in the series. Spawn#312 shipped a couple weeks ago, so Spawn has outlasted Cerebus.


Aliens and Predators on the Way Out the Door

Running until 12/31, Dark Horse has an Aliens Predator Sale (Amazon link). Since Marvel already has their first Aliens comic scheduled, its possible some of this material is going to be out of circulation for awhile.  If you want bang for your buck, go with the Aliens Omnibus and Predator Omnibus lines. If you want something different… Archie vs. Predator by Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz. Yes, that’s real.

Aliens Omnibus   Predator   Archie Vs. Predator

Still on sale