The Black Friday Comixology sales are locked in and most of them are running through Cyber Monday.  And there are a lot of them. We’re going to be running through them a little more quickly than usual, though you can go back to the previous two columns for more depth on select sales.

Since we’ve gotten requests for it, there are now links to the Amazon versions of these sales. Amazon and Comixology are in the same ecosphere, after all.

(Disclosure: If you buy something we link to on our site, we may earn commission.)

DC’s ~2,400 Graphic Novels Sale

DC’s Black Friday deal is in three parts and the whole thing has it’s own page. (Amazon version)  Last time we talked about some titles from the $4.99 section of the sale, since DC doesn’t go under $5.99 with great regularity unlike other publishers. Today let’s take a quick look at the rest of the sale.

22 out of 23 volumes of the Vertigo version of John Constantine, Hellblazer are on sale for $5.99/$6.99.  Those haven’t all been on sale at once in a while and there’s a reason the series ran so long.

Batman Universe by Brian Bendis and Nick Derington really didn’t make a splash when it it came out, which is a shame.  This is a FUN Batman title (yes, that’s possible) as the caped crusader finds himself chasing<spoilers> through time and space.  There’s a little old school The Brave and the Bold in it with lots of guest stars and the banter/bickering with Alfred is well done. Lucky you, it’s 59% off.

For an old school option, Jack Kirby’s New Gods is a classic and one of DC’s better values with 424 pages for your $6.99.  2,400-ish graphic novels for you to browse before Cyber Monday ends, so get to it.

Hellblazer   Batman Universe   New Gods by Jack Kirby

The Marvel Deals

The Dawn of X Sale (Amazon Version) – We had plenty to sayabout the Dawn of X collections on Monday.  Short version – the anthology reading format is interesting and has merit.

House of X / Powers of X

The Marvel Earth Shattering Events Sale (Amazon Version), modestly named as it, runs until Thursday 12/3. We spoke a little more about it last Monday, too.  Short version: if you go old school like Kree/Skrull War, Armor Wars or Asgardian Wars, the plots are a little more contained.

X-Men: Asgardian Wars

Dark Horse, Part 2

Last time out, we talked about some of the goodies in Part 1 of the Dark Horse Graphic Novel Sale.  This time, we’ll look at Part 2, as promised.  (Amazon has all the Dark Horse material in one link.)

Possibly the greatest samurai manga of all time Lone Wolf and Cub by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima is a great value.  Most of these volumes are around 300 pages for the sale price of $2.99.  A disgraced executioner bides his time as an assassin while seeking revenge on those who framed him, all while caring for his 3 year old son.  (Be aware, there are very graphic sword fights in this.  It’s not a YA title.)

Kabuki is David Mack’s critically acclaimed saga of a Japanese government assassin caught in a struggle between her agency and the yakuza.  At 360+ pages for $4.99, these are also good buys.

Light Brigade is Peter Tomasi’s and Peter Snejbjerg’s tale of WWII U.S. soldiers who find themselves charged with recovering the Sword of God before the Nazis and Fallen Angels get their hands on it. An excellent comic that’s largely flown under the radar.

Lone Wolf and Cub x Kabuki x Light Brigade

The Big Comixology Sale Roundup

The Image Black Friday Sale (Amazon version) we discussed last time. It feels like their full digital library is on sale from the recent Brubaker/Phillips Pulp to years of Spawn and Savage Dragon.  The best bang for your buck might be the massive Walking Dead and Invincible Compendiums.

Paper Girls

The Dynamite Black Friday Sale (Amazon version) is 605 items deep. Interesting items include the sly Watchmen commentary in Kieron Gillen’s Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt and classics like Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg! and Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt

The Comixology Originals Sale (Amazon version) is Comixology’s eclectic line of commissioned comics and manga imports.  We’ve spoken a bit about Elephantmen in the past, which moved over from Image. We also like Delver by Spike Trottman and MK Reed, a fantasy comics that might fall into the LitRPG literary genre, but also gets into the economics repercussions of adventurers showing up when the entrance to a mystical dungeon materializes in a remote farming community.


The Viz Black Friday Sale (Amazon version) isn’t the best deal you’re going to find today at only 43% off, but there’s a ton of Blue Exorcist, One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh! at a $3.99 price point.

One Piece

The Kodansha Black Friday Sale  (Amazon Version) has the first volumes in various series like Attack on Titan, Beck and Ghost in the Shell for $0.99 each – i.e., cheap.

Attack on Titan

The Best of Archie Sale (Amazon version) has classic Archie, modern Archie and some Riverdale thrown in for good measure. Some of the V. 1’s are $0.99, too.


The  Best of IDW Sale  (Amazon version) strangely does not have Ragnarok in it… but it does have some flagship titles like Locke & Key, G.I. Joe and My Little Pony.

Locke & Key

The Best of BOOM! Sale (Amazon version) is a small one.  You’ll find Giant Days, Irredeemable, Angel (as in Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Lumberjanes and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. We loved Irredeemable, a Mark Waid/Peter Krause superhero tale (universe, really) where the elevator pitch might be “What if Superman had a psychotic break?” – NOTE: the Comixology version of this has some $0.99 first volumes.  Amazon does have the same pricing, but not on the sale page.  You’ll need to go to the series page on Amazon for that.


The Best of Humanoids Sale (Amazon Version) is mostly $0.99 books on Comixology (be warned – these are $4.99 on Amazon). The Incal sequence by Jodorowsky and Moebius is the publisher’s flagship, along with its many spinoffs. If you’d like something a little more interesting Kabul Disco is an amusing account of ex-pat life in Afghanistan where the laughs come with a chill.

The Black Incal

The Best of Valiant Sale (Amazon version) runs through 12/03. We’ve covered this one before, but it’s hard to beat $0.99 Volume 1’s and Archer & Armstrong is a scream.

Archer & Armstrong

The Best of Oni Sale (currently no Amazon master link for the sale, but here’s V.1 of Letter 44.) also runs through 12/3. While The Sixth Gun is a glaring omission from a “Best of” list, you’ve probably already heard of Scott Pilgrim and Letter 44 by Charles Soule and Alberto Alburquerque, about political intrigue surrounding a first contact incident, is a real page turner.

Letter 44