DC’s celebrating Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary with a Comixology sale… a sale with a lot of 70%+ discounts. No, we were NOT expecting that level of discount two weeks in a row… but we could get used to it.

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Sappho Suffered For This Sale

The Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Sale runs through Monday, 10/25.

Yes, Wonder Woman has been around for a bit… and in a shock move, DC is celebrating with good discounts!  Trick or treat, my friend!

Have you ever sampled the original William Moulton Marston / H.G. Peters stories? Wonder Woman: The Golden Age collects the tales from Sensation Comics and Wonder Woman, suddenly on the cheap.  V. 1 is 77% off for $3.99.  V.2 & 3 are 75% off for $4.99. Cheaper if you’re stacking a Comixology Unlimited discount.  This run features a lot of bondage and submission themes that will make your jaw drop, but apparently flew under the radar at the time.  The early rogues gallery includes The Cheetah, Mars and The Duke of Deception.

“Modern” Wonder Woman is considered by many to start with the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths George Perez run. This volume of the title starts with Perez’s now classic and mythology-centric revival, then you get William Messner-Loebs/Mike Deodato, Jr. Run, a John Byrne run, Phil Jimenez gets a turn and then it ends up with the highly regard first Greg Rucka era. You can pretty safely go wild with the Omnibus section for this volume and what’s not collected there is $0.99 per issue. Each run has it’s fans.

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age   Wonder Woman by George Perez

You may have heard of Jill Thompson’s Wonder Woman: True Amazon? It won the best original graphic novel Eisner and was kind of a big deal.  $3.99 – cheap.

If you want a particularly out there version of Princess Diana, there’s always the Black Label Wonder Woman: Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson.  It’s a heavy metal version of Wonder Woman awakening in a post-apocalyptic dystopia and slaying monsters as she gets a grip on what’s happened while she slept. Very fun book.

Wonder Woman - True Amazon   Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

The 2006 series of Wonder Woman is probably best known as the Gail Simone era, so this is where you seek her out.

Wonder Woman by Gail Simone

We’ll assume you know the regular series since New 52. In general, we like the Azzarello/Chiang (most find it a sacrilegious take on the character, but that’s Brian’s motif) and Ruck / Sharp / Scott runs quite a bit.

Lots of 70%+ discounts and most of the single issues are $0.99, so have a good browse while the prices are low.

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