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DC’s Commitment to Cheap

The DC Holiday Sale runs through Monday, 1/1.

This is definitely the value sale between now and January 1st. Plenty of $1.99 collected editions and MUCH better than usual prices on expensive volumes that get lousy discounts during the rest of the year. If you have received some gift cards or are about to, this is where your credits will go the furthest at the moment.

There’s 3071 items in it, so it takes a little time to scroll through. When you do, PLEASE remember to right-click on anything you’re interested in and open the link/book in a new tab? You really, really do not want to loose your place. Trust us – this ain’t our first rodeo.

That said, here’s an entirely too large list of annotations of things we like, think are particularly good deals or otherwise notable. And we’ll try and get a *little* organization to it, because it’s still a lot of info.  Yes, that we can make this list may also be an indictment of our lifestyle, but we’re used to it. 😉


Tales of the Batman: Steve Englehart  Tales of the Batman: Archie Goodwin  Legends of the Dark Knight Norm Breyfogle 2

  • Batman (1940-’11) -We especially like $2.99 “Caped Crusader” (the ’80s run) and $2.99 Ed Brubaker volumes if you scroll down.
  • Detective Comics(1937-’11) – We especially like $2.99 “Dark Knight Detective” (the ’80s run) and “New Gotham” volumes.
  • Batman and the Outsiders – The classic ’80s team book by Mike W. Barr / Jim Aparo / Alan Davis. It’s rare to see all three volumes on sale at the same time (and the first volume rarely gets a proper discount)
  • Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo – Marc Silvestri does Batman. $2.99
  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest – Mark Waid & Dan Mora’s excellent current series. (And yes, this is a star turn for Mora.) – $2.99@
  • Batman: Damned – Brian Azzarello / Lee Bermejo; It will go down as infamous for the “bat pole” and the behind the scenes political upheaval it caused.
  • Batman: Death and the Maidens – A Ra’s Al Ghul tale by Greg Rucka / Klaus Janson
  • Batman: Gates of Gotham – Scott Snyder / Kyle Higgins / Trevor McCarthy – early Snyder Batman
  • Batman Universe – Brian Bendis channeling pure fun? Believe it! This is the Bendis/Nick Derington tale that was hidden away in the Walmart comics and we want another volume! A lot more than $1.99 worth of entertainment.
  • Batman and Robin – The Grant Morrison / Frank Quitely / Cameron Stewart / Frazier Irving material
  • Batman/Spawn – both of the 90s crossovers for $1.99
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum – The Grant Morrison / Dave McKean classic for $1.99
  • Batman (2016-present) – Tom King’s run through the current Chip Zdarksy run, mostly $1.99/volume with some $2.99 sprinkled in.
  • Detective Comics (2016-present) – James Tynion IV’s first and – we’ll say it – better Batman run for $1.99@.
  • Tales of the Batman: Steve Englehart – Mostly Englehart/Marshall Rogers, but also some Walt Simonson. This is the Detective Comics run that’s on most “best Batman run” short lists, plus the follow-ups over the years. 452 pages / $5.99
  • Tales of the Batman: Archie Goodwin – The Batman tales of one of the best writers (who moved up to editorial) and also one of the nicest guys in comics. Probably The nicest guy. 471 pages / $4.99
  • Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle V.1 and V.2 – The Batman team of Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle, who had a fantastic run in the late 80s/early 90s and (get this) introduced a lot of new villains. 522 / 471 pages, $5.99
  • Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 / Vol. 3 – Conway wrote Batman & Detective in the early 80s and the stories bounced between the two books quite a bit, so this is the better way to read the Don Newton and Gene Colan stories. 438 / 472 / 502 pages, $5.99
  • Tales of the Batman: Alan Brennert – Normally a TV screenwriter, Brennert wrote some notable Batman over the years, all collected here. 207 pages / $2.99
  • Legends of the Dark Knight: Alan Davis – The Mike W. Barr / Alan Davis run from Detective. 270 pages / $4.99
  • Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 / Vol. 3 This is mostly the very long and rather amazing Bob Haney / Jim Aparo run from The Brave and the Bold. Every volume over 500 pages / $5.99. Fun stuff, off in it’s own little world.
  • Batman: Tales of the Demon – Denny O’Neil / Neal Adams / Don Newton. This is the original set of Ra’s al Ghul stories. Because it’s a HC in print, it usually has a ridiculous digital price, so $5.99 is a good price for it, right now.


All-Star Superman  Adventures of Superman  Superman Smashes The Klan

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age  Wonder Woman New 52  Wonder Woman - True Amazon

  • Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Early Wonder Woman is strangeLots of bondage and domination themes. Seriously. ~400 pages for $2.99. Worth getting one cheap to see how off the wall these are.
  • Wonder Woman (1987 series) – Don’t ask us why, but you need to click here and here to get everything. We don’t know why the listings are split like that. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with the George Perez run or the first Greg Rucka run at the end of this series. And be away that V.6 of the Perez run and the War of the Gods collection that isn’t numbered contain the same comics.
  • Wonder Woman (2011 series) – The first six issues by Brian Azzarello / Cliff Chiang / Goran Sudzuka are a top notch story. A little sacrilegious to the character? Probably. Consider it an Elseworlds take, but it’s good.
  • Wonder Woman (2016 series) – You want the first two “Rebirth Deluxe Editions” as Greg Rucka / Nicola Scott / Liam Sharp reset Wonder Woman, post-Azzarello
  • Wonder Woman: True Amazon – Jill Thompson’s Eisner Award winner

Justice League

Justice League of America  Justice League Quarterly  JLA

  • Justice League of America (1960 – 87) – The biggest highlight here is the set of $1.99/$2.99 Silver Age collections of the earliest stories. The JSA/JLA team-ups (Crisis on Multiple Earths) are also deep discounted at $1.99. This series hasn’t really been collected often.
  • Justice League of America (1987 – 96) – This is the Justice League International era, as started by Keith Giffen/J.M. DeMatteis/Kevin Maguire. Bwa ha ha. And that’s the best place to start.  $1.99 each.
  • JLA (’97-’06) – Starts with the Grant Morrison/Howard Porter Justice League run. Then some Mark Waid, Joe Kelly… even Chris Claremont / John Byrne. Double volumes for the most part: $1.99/$2.99
  • Justice League of America (2006 – 11) – The gems here are the 4 volumes written by Dwayne McDuffie (from the animated series): V1 / V2 / V3 / V4
  • Justice League (2016 -18) – The gem here is the Priest / Pete Woods arc.
  • The Nail – Alan Davis weaves a masterpiece in this pair of Elseworlds about a world where the Kents don’t find baby Kal-El in his spaceship and Superman does not emerge. A+ for $2.99

Green Lantern

Green Lantern  Green Lantern  Green Lantern by Geoff Johns

  • Green Lantern (’60 – ’86)
    • Silver Age omnibuses for $2.99
    • This listing has O’Neil / Adams for $2.99 and don’t sleep on the Len Wein / Dave Gibbons -> Steve Englehart / Joe Staton volumes at the end –  $1.99@
    • Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, V.3  – Bizarrely mislabeled, this is the first six issues of the Steve Englehart/Joe Staton Green Lantern Corps, which extends their Green Lantern run
    • Green Lantern Corps continues the Englehart/Staton run… after that Tales volume
  • Green Lantern (’05 – ’11) – The Geoff Johns run… and this is more complicated than is should be, but it really is an excellent run.
  • The Green Lantern by Grant Morrison & Liam Sharp – One of the more imaginative Lantern stories in a while, especially as illustrated, this is really one long story in four volumes, broken up as Season One  and Season Two (even though the first series was never referred to as a season… that or DC is actively trying to confuse you, which is not beyond the realm of possibility).

Legion of Super-Heroes

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes   Legion of Super Heroes The Great Darkness Saga  Legion of Superheroes: The Curse

Not as much of the Legion run is in digital or currently in print as you might think. Of what is, here are some highlights and recommendations.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes: The Silver Age – The earliest appearances, through the first 10 issues of their Adventure Comics feature.
  • Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes – These two volumes pick up roughly where Paul Levitz starts writing and takes you through where Superboy leaves the Legion (which is the Gerry Conway run). Artists include Mike Grell, James Sherman, Joe Staton and a bit of Jim Starlin. Included are the wedding of Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl and the Earthwar sequence.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes (1980-85) – What you’re really looking at here are the last two volumes where Paul Levitz returns and starts to hit his stride, with Keith Giffen joining him fairly quickly.
    • The Great Darkness Saga  – Levitz/Giffen with their all-time classic arc in the middle of it. 414 pages for $2.99? A steal.
    • The Curse – Levitz/Giffen continue to deal with the fallout from The Great Darkness. 544 pages for $2.99? Very hard to beat for value.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes (1985-89) – Only one volume available and they really need to get on the stick about collecting the rest of the Levitz run.
  • Legion Lost – The entertaining (if controversial) Dan Abnett / Andy Lanning / Oliver Copiel run. The setup and then the actual Legion Lost.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes (2005-09) – Starts out with the now familiar team of Mark Waid and Barry Kitson. Ends with a flawed, but interesting run by Jim Shooter, returning to the feature he started out on.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes (2010-11) – Paul Levitz returns.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes (2011 – 13) – The Levitz run is relaunched for New 52… and Keith Giffen returns for the final volume in the set.

Jack Kirby

New Gods by Jack Kirby  Jimmy Olsen by Jack Kirby  Kamandi

Most of his DC material is included

Fourth World:

Non-Fourth World DC work:

And more gems from that tall pile of comics:

Creature Commandos  Doctor Fate  Doomsday Clock

  • 100 Bullets – Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso spin a tale about the intersection of revenge, crime and espionage. A classic from Vertigo. Double volumes for $2.99.
  • The Atlantis Chronicles – Sometimes filed under Aquaman, this is an undersea high fantasy series about the history of Atlantis and Atlantean royalty. (And where all this “Orin” stuff comes from.) Always under the radar because there isn’t usually a reasonably priced edition. Peter David writes. Estabon Maroto draws – and slays. We don’t usually see this for $5.99 outside the holidays.
  • Camelot 3000 – Mike W. Barr / Brian Bolland – King Arthur returns to repel an alien invasion… as was foretold. ~300 pages / $1.99
  • Clean Room – A lesser-known Gail Simone / Jon Davis-Hunt horror tale from Vertigo
  • Creature Commandos – soon to be an animated series, these are the originals for a lousy $1.99
  • The Scott Snyder / Greg Capullo “Metal” crossover Events:
  • DC: The New Frontier: Darwyn Cooke’s must-read classic about the dawn of the Silver Age characters
  • Deadman – Collecting the appearances from Neal Adams in Strange Adventures through the ’80s mini-series.
  • Dial H – The China Mieville / Alberto Ponticelli / Mateus Santolouco “weird fiction” take on the dial that gives it’s wearer new powers each time. A bizarre delight. ~400 pages / $3.99
  • Doctor Fate – Paul Levitz and Sonny Liew did a wonderful, mythology forward update of the character.
  • The Doomsday Clock – The Geoff Johns / Gary Frank crossover Event that brought Watchmen into the DC Universe. 455 pages/$4.99
  • Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepus Chronicles – Mark Russell’s and Mike Feehan’s dark satire casts the cartoon character as a gay playwright facing off against the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s. No, really. It’s good.
  • Fables – Bill Willingham’s / (mostly) Mark Buckingham’s series about the characters from fairy tales hiding out in New York City as refuges after their worlds have been conquered. A classic. Double (deluxe) volumes for $2.99!
    Far Sector  Gotham City: Year One  John Constantine, Hellblazer
  • Far Sector N.K. Jemisin / Jamal Campbell take a new Green Lantern to the edge of the universe to solve a mystery. Absolutely wonderful book. ~300 pages / $2.99.
  • Final Crisis – The celebrated crossover Event by Grant Morrison / J.G. Jones / Doug Mahnke / Carlos Pacheco. 456 pages / $2.99
  • The Flash (’87 – ’09) – $2.99/$3.99 omnibuses of the Mark Waid and Geoff Johns runs… plus the “it’s not happening again” team of Grant Morrison & Mark Millar for $1.99.
  • The Flash: The Silver Age – The early stories, ~400 pages / $2.99
  • The Flintstones – Mark Russell and Steve Pugh hit a high water mark with a satirical and bittersweet take on the stone age.
  • Gotham Central – Ed Brubaker / Greg Rucka / Michael Lark / Stefano Gaudiano / Jason Alexander / Kano – The Gotham PD handles things without Batman. EXCELLENT series and $1.99 for double volumes. Just get it.
  • Gotham City:  Year One Tom King & Phil Hester’s very recently collected noir detective series where Slam Bradley is sucked into a chain of events that create the Gotham City as we know it today.
  • Grayson – The Tim Seeley / (early) Tom King / Mikel Janin series with Dick Grayson as a spy/double agent
  • Hard Time: The Complete Series – Steve Gerber / Mary Skrenes / Brian Hurtt in a criminally below the radar of super powered teen who gets (shafted) sent to prison. 458 pages / $4.99
  • Hardware: The Man in the Machine -Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan gave this Milestone book a great opening arc.
  • Hellblazer – Vertigo’s longest running title for $1.99/$2.99 per volume.
    • John Constantine, Hellblazer – The superlative Si Spurrier / Aaron Campbell / Matias Bergara that’s right up there with the best of a storied franchise. $1.99/volume, so no excuses!
  • Hitman – The Garth Ennis / John McCrae bloody farce
  • Infinite Frontier – The crossover Event. 392 pages / $2.99
  • Jack of Fables – The Bill Willingham / Lilah Sturges/ Tony Akins / Russ Braun Fables companion book. (i.e., fun) $1.99/volume
  • Jonah Hex: Shadows West – All of the Joe R. Lansdale / Tim Truman horror take on Jonah Hex for $2.99. Great stuff that started a lawsuit!
    Kingdom Come  Manhunter  Mister Miracle
  • Kingdom Come – Mark Waid and Alex Ross paint a dystopian future (and comment on the 90s grim ‘n’ gritty trend) – $1.99
  • Lobo by Keith Giffen and Alan Grant – With art by Simon Bisley, until the editors realized what he was sneaking into the cover. The rude, crude humor version that screams “Jason Momoa” to everyone. Much fun, but not for puritans.
  • Manhunter – Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson did an absolute classic as a backup in Detective. Spies, ninjas, a secret society and Batman crosses over in the end. Highest recommendation – $1.99.
  • Marshal Law– Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill do a satire of superheroes as a Judge Dredd-like vehicle. If you like The Boys, this is worth a look for $5.99. Darker and more violent, not for kids.
  • Mister Miracle by Steve Englehart & Steve Gerber – A few years after Kirby left, DC revived Mister Miracle, only to have it fall in the “DC Implosion.” That’s actually Englehart/Marshall Rogers and Gerber/Michael Golden/Russ Heath. Yes, Heath inking Golden and it’s GREAT. The Gerber/Golden/Heath run is the star and you’ll be mad it was cancelled. Totally under the radar for years.
  • Mister Miracle (2017-19) – The Tom King / Mitch Gerads Eisner-Winning revival. $2.99
  • New Teen Titans – Marv Wolfman / George Perez for $1.99@
  • Night Force – Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan (as in Tomb of Dracula) reunite at DC for horror/time travel series that flew under too many radars.
  • Nightwing – Tom Taylor / Bruno Redondo – the series that could be the current center of the DCU. Vol. 1 for $1.99;  Vol. 2  and  Vol. 3 for $2.99@. (We think it hits its stride in V.2)
  • The Omega Men: The End – Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda turn the Omega Men into a study of fanaticism and terrorism. Also a Green Lantern tale as Kyle Rayner is abducted. Near the top of the King cannon.
  • One-Star Squadron The “wait… why haven’t they collaborated before?” team of Mark Russell and Steve Leiber pit Red Tornado and Power Girl against the gig economy! Yes, it’s a pitch black satire. – $1.99
  • Orion by Walt Simonson – Walt at the top of his game exploring the Kirby mythos. We’d put it up with his Thor, but DC didn’t market it very well and hardly anyone remembers it. Recommended.
  • Planetary – Warren Ellis & John Cassaday.
  • Preacher – Garth Ennis / Steve Dillion. Double volumes for $1.99 (!)
    Road to Perdition  Sandman Mystery Theater  Sheriff of Babylon
  • Prez: Corndog-in-Chief – Mark Russell & Ben Caldwell. We wish this book wasn’t so darn relevant. An accurate satire of election law and political horse trading finds a teen becoming president after a video of her mishap with a corn dog deep fryer goes viral. It’s a winner, especially as we approach an election year. – $1.99
  • Promethea – Alan Moore & J.H. Williams explore mythology and symbolism as a college student becomes the latest incarnation of the avatar of imagination… and tries to head off a looming apocalypse. Smart and beautifully illustrated book. – $1.99@
  • The Road to Perdition – Max Allan Collins & Richard Piers Rayner – this is where the film came from.
  • Saga of the Swamp Thing – The legendary Alan Moore years for $1.99@.
  • Sandman Mystery Theater – Matt Wagner / Steven T. Seagle / Guy Davis (main artist) – A wonderful pulp detective series from Vertigo with the Golden Age Sandman (pre-teen sidekick). Pulp with more introspection. 300+ page installments for $2.99. Great series.
  • Scalped – Jason Aaron & R.M. Guéra – A Vertigo crime series. An FBI agent goes undercover at the casino on the reservation he grew up in and thought he’d escape. Nobody does rural noir like Aaron.
  • Secret Society of Super Villains For the completists, at a better price.
  • Seven Soldiers of Victory – Grant Morrison’s self-contained series of mini-series/Event in two volumes
  • Shade, The Changing Man – Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo reimagine the Ditko character for Vertigo. – $1.99
  • The Sheriff of Babylon – Tom King & Mitch Gerads explore murder and crime in Baghdad’s Green Zone. The full series for $2.99
  • Starman – James Robinson & Tony Harris reinvent the legacy superhero (and legacy villain) with one of the best things to come out of DC in the 90s. DC really needs to finish collecting this one.
  • Stormwatch – The original Warren Ellis / Tom Raney / Brian Hitch run
  • Strange Adventures – Tom King & Mitch Gerads with a political/deconstructionist take on Adam Strange
  • Suicide Squad – John Ostrander / Luke McDonnell – the original ’80s Dirty Dozen riff that spawned the current franchise. -$1.99@
  • Suicide Squad: Get Joker – Brian Azzarello & Alex Maleev did a Black Label version
    Jimmy Olsen    The Human Target  The Brave and the Bold
  • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? – Matt Fraction & Steve Leiber drop a joke bomb disguised as a murder mystery. HILARIOUS. Highly recommended.
  • The Authority – Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch revamp Stormwatch, then Mark Millar & Frank Quitely tag in.
  • The Brave & The Bold – Liam Sharp teams Batman and Wonder Woman against Celtic gods.
  • The Hawk and the Dove: The Silver Age – Steve Ditko’s original run for $2.99
  • The Human Target – One of the most recent releases listed, Tom King & Greg Smallwood craft a noir mystery about Christopher Chance investigating who poisoned him and it looks like one of the BWA HA HA era Justice League did the deed. Noir and slapstick intermingling? YES. Very well done and especially great art. And, apparently, James Gunn’s favorite DC title of ’23. Both volumes for ~$5, total.
  • The Huntress: Origins – Paul Levitz and (mostly) Joe Staton with The Huntress’s adventures from Batman Family and Wonder Woman. – $1.99
  • The Invisibles – Grant Morrison / Jill Thompson / Phil Jimenez – The one with the letter column request. If you know, you know.
    Multiversity  Nice House on the Lake  
  • Multiversity – Grant Morrison’s tale of parallel worlds. One volume/$2.99.
  • The Nice House on the Lake – James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno spin a horror table in what was a pretty big hit. – $1.99@
  • The Spectre – John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake’s under the radar classic about a man who isn’t alive and the force of destruction he’s bound to. – $1.99@
  • The Unwritten – Mike (M.R.) Carey and Peter Gross in a tale of fiction shaping reality (with a mild Harry Potter satirical element in the premise).
  • The Wild Storm – Warren Ellis and John Davis-Hunt reimagine the Wildstorm universe.
    • The Wild Storm: Michael Cray – Bryan Hill / N. Stephen Harris companion book where an assassin goes after funhouse mirror versions of the DC heroes.
  • Top 10 – Alan Moore / Gene Ha / Zander Cannon – What if Alan Moore wrote Hill Street Blues, but the police were superheroes? That’s essentially what this is and it’s wonderful.
  • Transmetropolitan – Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson present the absurdist adventures of a Hunter S. Thompson-esque journalist in a dystopian future, butting heads against a corrupt president. The interesting thing is how many different presidents/prime ministers/etc. have been compared to “The Smiler.”
  • Watchmen – Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. We figure you’ve heard of it by now. $2.99. We do find it a little offensive this is listed as “Media Tie-in / Adaptation,” though…
  • Y: The Last Man – Brian K. Vaughan / Pia Guerra in $1.99 double volumes. A deal!

Things are probably going to be quiet through New Year’s Day. We may or may not pop in sometime next week to drop some recommendations on individual Masterworks editions. If you want to see what was new to the annual Masterworks sale this year, click here.

In the meantime… holiday vacations are a good time to read some comics.

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