In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, Marvel cuts prices on Grant Morrison’s X-Men run, Squirrel Girl and Fear Itself. DC discounts the most recent Superman volume, amongst its “spring break” specials. Plus, an unannounced Richard Corben sale.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

Everything New is Old Again

New X-Men

The Marvel New X-Men by Gran Morrison Sale runs through Monday, 4/15.

Marvel does use “New” in their titles a lot, don’t they? Tells you the emphasis on this month’s single issues vs. collected editions.

What’s this one about? Grant Morrison did a highly celebrated run on the rebranded New X-Men from ’01-’04 with Frank Quitely, Igor Kordey, Chris Bachalo and Marc Silvestri, among others on art duty.  Highly celebrated enough to get its own sale. (Hey, we enjoyed it!)

Conveniently available in three volumes.

Fear… the Deer?
Fear Itself Invincible Iron Man: Fear Itself

The Marvel Fear Itself Sale runs through Monday, 4/15.

Fear Itself was a Marvel crossover Event we always thought should have just been a Thor/Iron Man crossover.

Fear Itself is the main series and on the Thor-centric side as the Asgardian god of fear escapes and marches Midgard towards an apocalypse. Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen are your creators.

The tie-in we liked for this was Invincible Iron Man: Fear Itself from the excellent Matt Fraction / Salvador Larocca Iron Man run. Tony Stark doesn’t think he’s surviving this one, so he joins the dwarves in boozing while making weapons. One of the better “drinking with dwarves” sequences in literature.

Go for the Nuts
Squirrel Girl

The Marvel Squirrel Girl Sale is running through Monday, 4/15.

In the inimitable Marvel Way, this is one is a little goofy because of how many different editions of the same comics there are.

  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series “2015A” and “2015B” by Ryan North and Erica Henderson. This is where everything starts and the original Squirrel Girl appearances are in the first volume.  These are omnibus editions and take you up to #31 of the “2015B” series.
  • To get the rest of the series, switch over to the single volumes and V.9 – 12 will take you from issue #32 to the end. Coincidentally, this is where Derek Charm pops in as artist.

That’s the easy way. Now, if you want the absolute cheapest way, you want to sub in these two alternate packaging volumes for V.2 and V.3 of those omnibuses above (i.e. #1-21 of “2015B”).

Don’t worry, they’ll inevitably add another layer of repackaging to further confuse the situation.

Also, if you’re looking for Squirrel Girl’s earliest appearances, there’s Squirrel Girl & the Great Lakes Avengers.

Spring Break Bodysnatchers From Dayton – The Sequel

Superman  The Human Target  One-Star Squadron

The DC Spring Break Sale runs through Monday, 4/15.

It’s another DC sale with an eclectic selection of books, so we’ll go through some highlights (and assume you’re mostly all Batman’d out after the last couple weeks… that’s OK, the Superman selections are interesting).

  • DC Meets Looney Tunes – You’re getting this for the absolutely astonishing Batman / Elmer Fudd by Tom King and Lee Weeks (who cannot be praised enough for how he makes this work). Yes, a noir interpretation of Elmer Fudd heads to Gotham and the less you know past that, the better.
  • The Human Target – Tom King and Greg Smallwood send Christopher Chance investigating who poisoned him and it looks like the bwa ha ha era Justice League was involved… yet it’s a still pure noir. Great book.
  • The Joker – James Tynion IV / Guillem March
  • Justice League: Last Ride – You knew Chip Zdarsky did a Justice League story, right?  Zdarksy / Miguel Mendonca
  • The Nice House on the Lake – James Tynion IV & Alvaro Martinez Bueno with the most successful horror series in recent memory. (Wither Vertigo, DC?)
  • One-Star Squadron – Mark Russell & Steve Lieber (such an obvious pairing, it’s odd they haven’t done more together) present a dark satire of the gig economy as Red Tornado attempts to run a hero-on-demand app. Good stuff!
  • Rogues – Josh Williamson and Leomacs present a Black Label take on the Flash’s Rouges Gallery.
  • Superman V.1: Supercorp – This is the first volume of the current Josh Williamson / Jamal Campbell Superman series. This was definitely a buzz book that we’ll vouch for.
  • Superman: Son of Kal-El – The Jon Kent series by Tom Taylor / John Timms / Cian Tormey
  • Superman: For All Seasons – The Jeph Loeb / Tim Sale take on Superman

Lucky 13
Doctor Who

The Titan The Thirteenth Doctor Sale runs through Monday, 5/20.

That’s the 13th Doctor as in Jodie Whittaker’s run on Doctor Who.

Mostly done by Jody Houser / Rachael Stott / Roberta Ingranata, you get your choice of formats:

Also available The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor is available in single issues or a collected  edition.

Den Edgar Allan Poe's Spirits of the Dead

It appears Dark Horse has a Richard Corben sale with a wider set of items than you might expect:

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