In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, it’s a nearly full run of Fantastic Four with discounts, plus another Batman sale, World War Hulk and The Witcher.

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Four Play

Marvel’s Fantastic Four Legacy Sale runs through Tuesday, 9/26.

Take note that the end date is now Tuesday. (And let’s double check that on Tuesday, too.) Does this mean Marvel sales are now starting on Wednesday?  Wait and see. After the last few weeks, we haven’t a clue.

So, first let’s break down the various FF titles/volumes on sale

  • Fantastic Four ’61-’96 – The original run
  • Fantastic Four ’98-’12 – Heroes Return era through Hickman
  • Fantastic Four ’12-’14 – The Matt Fraction / Mark Bagley era
  • Fantastic Four ’14-’15 – The James Robinson/Leonard Kirk run
  • Fantastic Four ’18-’22 – The Dan Slott run with a rotating cast of artists
  • (The current North/Coello run is too recent to be discounted, if you were wondering.)

Yes, Fantastic Four has been relaunched less than other Marvel titles.  As to what’s good, the gold standard has always been the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run. (And yes, we do think you can draw a straight line from Kirby’s Challengers of the Unknown at DC to Fantastic Four.) We’d say they start to hit their stride a few issues before Galactus shows up – V.3 of the Epic Collections (“The Coming of Galactus“) or V.4/5 of the Masterworks editions and you can ride a very fun train from there to the end of Lee/Kirby.

And at this point, we should talk about the “pick your poison” of Epic vs. Masterworks.  The Masterworks are built out straight into the Byrne era. We think the $6.99 Epic Collections are the best value here, though some of the newer ones are priced higher. The discounted Epics are now a little past the Lee/Kirby era, but stop with #146 and then pick up again after Byrne’s run. Pick the format that works for you and has the issues you’re looking for.

Speaking of Byrne’s run, that’s the next highpoint that everyone agrees on.  How to read Byrne? Well, there are 4 volumes of Masterworks on sale (V. 21-24) or you can hop on to Fantastic Four Visionaires: John Byrne. You’d need to cut over to the Visionaries run at V. 5 to pick up where the discounted Masterworks leave off.  These comics really ought to be in an Epic Collection, but Marvel doesn’t seem in any hurry to roll the Visionaires up into a more economical package. (Or should we say, economical when it’s on sale?)

Fast forward a bit to the Heroes Reborn era and there is a LOT to love about the Mark Waid / Mike Wieringo run. They brought back the “explorer” vibe from Lee/Kirby era that isn’t always there and upped the sense of wonder. You’d want the four Ultimate Collection volumes that start here. The “regular” collections don’t go all the way to the end.

And then, of course, there’s the the Hickman era. A long storyline that laid the groundwork for his Avengers run and you can certainly argue that his Secret Wars endcap to that is a Fantastic Four / Doctor Doom story. The omnibus editions we highlighted above include his FF spin-off comic that frequently crossed over with Fantastic Four, much like the Avengers titles flowed together. That packaging will be a better experience.

Fantastic Four - The Coming of Galactus    Fantastic Four by John Byrne   Fantastic Four by Waid

Behind the War Door

The  Marvel World War Hulk sale runs through Tuesday, 9/26.

Again, note the Tuesday end date.

So, this was quite an enjoyable Hulk event from that magical run Greg Pak had. (This followed Planet Hulk.)

The main event is Hulk: World War Hulk by Pak and John Romita, Jr. Hulk is back and he’s a little mad about getting shot out into space (the run-up to Planet Hulk). Someone is likely to get hurt as Hulk looks for revenge.

It’s an Event. You’ve got a few tie-ins available and those are at your discretion if you’re feeling into them. If you wanted to pick one, we’re probably start with World War Hulk: FrontlineThe “Frontline” books were a tradition in this Event-driven era and Paul Jenkins would always spin a tale of Ben Urich in the middle of the action as a reporter, sometimes tracking down a conspiracy, sometimes documenting the effects of the Event on common folk. Ramon Bachs joint Jenkins on artist for this one.

Finally, there’s the sequel: Hulk: World War Hulk II by Pak and Carlos Barberi. This time it’s the Amadeus Cho Hulk returning from Planet Hulk (2) and going on a rampage.

World War Hulk   World War Hulk: Frontline   World War Hulk II

Bat-Sale Returns

The DC Batman Universe Sale runs through Monday, 9/25.

This is basically a reshuffled version of last week’s Batman Day sale, but with the Batman Family characters added in (so you’ll find BatgirlNightwing and Robin in this version) and a few more of the artist-specific collections.

What we’re going to highlight here, since they can be a pain to locate in the listings, are the 90s/00s Event collections. The Batman family of titles was crossing over so much, you’d think they were the X-Men for a few years!

Batman: Knightfall   Batman Contagion   Batman: No Man's Land

Toss a Coin for Recasting…

The Dark Horse 2023 The Witcher Digital Sale runs through Monday, 10/9.

While it’s usually presented as a video game adaptation, since these pre-date the TV series, we usually think of The Witcher as a series of novels.  We’re reasonably sure Andrzej Sapkowski would agree with that assessment.

You can partake here in three formats:

  1. $0.99 single issues
  2. The “regular” collected editions
  3. The omnibuses

The first omnibus is pretty good deal. Looks like you might be a couple bucks better off with single issues over the “Library Edition” of V.2, though.  (If the second Omnibus were on sale… but it’s not even released quite yet.)

Witcher Omnibus

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