In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, it’s a Captain America sale for Memorial Day Weekend, plus a look at some of the more recently discounted DC titles.

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Super Soldier Sale

The Marvel Captain America Legacy Sale runs through Monday, 5/30.

A Captain America Sale for Memorial Day? Can’t argue with that.

There’s a lot of material to cover here, so we’ll go with the usual format and start by breaking out the major series involved

So… do you think Captain America gets relaunched enough? Don’t worry, they’ll relaunch him again.

First the usual general advice: The Masterworks and Epic Collections tend to be the best buys, but keep an eye on price points. Some of the newer Epic Collections are pricier and make the Masterworks more appealing.

Some recommendations? Absolutely.  Just the way the collections are currently rolled out, the highlights seem to flow more with the Masterworks than the Epics.

For Silver/Bronze Age adventures,  Captain America Masterworks V. 3 gets you some late Stan Lee/Jack Kirby and the influential Jim Steranko Sequence.  You then jump forward to Masterworks V. 7 for the beginning of the Steve Englehart/Sal Buscema era and stay on through Masterworks V.10, which is the return of Jack Kirby and his entirely too timely “Madbomb” arc. (There’s more Kirby in V.11, but Madbomb is a hard act to follow.) There’s also much to recommend with the Mark Gruenwald era which probably peaked with “The Captain” Epic Collection. In general, earlier Gruenwald is better and the art takes a nose dive before his run is over.

Aside from that, your best of the best is anything written by Mark Waid or Ed Brubaker, and know that Brubaker, first run is basically one long and epic story – and be sure to get Reborn or you’re missing a piece.

Captain America   Captain America   Captain America

We’ve also been enjoying the current set of Captain America books. Set? Yes, Symbol of Truth (Sam) and Sentinel of Liberty (Steve) start out on separate paths, but eventually converge. Symbol of Truth comes out of the gate hot. Sentinel of Liberty is slowly unspooling a conspiracy retcon and takes a little longer to get moving, but it gets there. We’ve heard some references to these titles being underappreciated, so now’s a decent time to sample.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth   Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

Bats and Such

The DC Memorial Day Sale runs through Monday, 5/29.

Yes, this is the same sale as last week. If you scroll down to the “Still on Sale” section, you’ll find that most of what was on last week is still on sale this week… with a couple new manga editions.

But since this is a larger sale and it’s a slow week, we’re going to highlight the more recent releases, several of which haven’t been on sale that many times previously. Most of these collections came out between December and February, so browse the newer material:

Batman / Catwoman   Catwoman: Lonely City   Swamp Thing V.3 - The Parliament of Gears

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