Comixology (at Amazon) Sales: Super Sons, Gerry Duggan’s Marvel Catalog; Black Lightning; Spider-Woman; Dark Horse Manga

In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, Marvel discounts Spider-Woman and Gerry Duggan. DC celebrates “Power” and the Super Sons. Plus, unlisted Dark Horse manga.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

Child Welfare Has Questions

Batman & Robin  Superman  Super Sons

The  DC Super Sons Sale runs through Monday, 2/19.

The Super Sons were originally the adventures of Clark Kent, Jr. and Bruce Wayne, Jr. that appeared every so often in World’s Finest from ’73 to ’80 in takes by Bob Haney and Dick Dillon.  When did Superman and Batman have kids? That’s addressed in the final tale. It’s collected in The Saga of the Super Sons.

For post-Crisis (and onward) DC this translates to…

On the Batman side:

  • Batman & Robin ’09-’11 – The Grant Morrison / (initially) Frank Quitely run that ends with the beginning of Peter J. Tomasi / Patrick Gleason
  •  Batman & Robin ’11-’15 – Tomasi & Gleason do another 40 issues.

On the Superman side:

  • Superman ’16-’18 – Tomasi & Gleason swap over to do what’s essentially “Superman & Son”
  • Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent – Tom Taylor / Clayton Henry – Superman’s son grew up (in Space, but now he’s back on Earth)

The current/recent Super Sons:

If you wanted to call this a Tomasi sale, we probably wouldn’t argue with you.

The Evasive Title Sale

The DC Power Sale runs through Monday, 2/19.

Looking at the titles listed, we think this is a Black History Month sale. Is the “Power” in the title supposed to be “Black Power?” Maybe?

So the original headlining black hero in the DC universe is Black Lighting.

The original Black Lightning run is by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eden. And volume two in that sequence is a collection of the back-up features from Detective and World’s Finest, plus a Justice League of America interlude.

A good Black Lighting value? The 1995 revival by Isabella and Eddy Newell is 347 pages for $3.99.  Plus, we always thought Eddy Newell didn’t get enough love.

Speaking of not getting enough love, Dwayne McDuffie didn’t get nearly the love on the publishing side as he did on the animation side. Especially from editorial. (We’ve heard a few stories…) McDuffie selections:

Also, The DC Universe by Dwayne McDuffie collects several short runs and one-offs… although the price is higher than ideal.

Naomi by Brian Bendis / David Walker / Jamal Campbell is a nominally YA super heroine series about a teen trying to figure out where she comes from. It got a pretty quick (and short lived) TV adaption. We were pleasantly surprised by this one. Hype was real.

With Priest, they’re not putting the full (and excellent) Deathstroke run on sale and it’s not clear the second half of Black Adam will be collected, so we’d point you to his Justice League run with Pete Wood

There’s more here, but that’s the top of our list.  And we wonder if a Milestone sale is set for next week?

Eensy Weensy

Spider-Woman  Spider-Girl  Araña

The Marvel Spider-Woman Sale runs through Monday, 2/19

Except… it’s not just Spider-Woman. It’s Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl and Araña.

We know what you’re asking: where’s Silk? And we have no answer for that.

What do we like out of this? We’re not really current on Spider-Woman, but we can tell you that the original Spider-Woman comic is a deeply weird book. Lots of magic early on. Morgan Le Fey, Werewolf By Night, The Brothers Grim. If you like the more bizarre corners of ’70s/’80s  Marvel for its strangeness, it’s worth a look.

DeFalco & Frenz had around a 12-year run on the various Spider-Girl titles and you don’t see that kind of longevity very often.

  • Araña – Fiona Avery / Mark Brooks

Dig Dugg

Savage Avengers  Maruaders  X-Men by Gerry Duggan

The Marvel Gerry Duggan Sale runs through Monday, 2/19.

It would seem that Gerry Duggan has ignored the usual corporate career advice and let his bosses notice him. In fact, he has been writing a fair amount of comics lately, particularly in the world of X.

Here are the highlights:

What’s good? This may come as a bit of a shock if you haven’t sampled it, but Savage Avengers has a Defenders vibe to it… except it’s Conan’s non-team, not Doctor Strange’s or Nighthawk’s. It’s odd, rambling and fun. The absolute high point? Conan questioning Doctor Doom’s manhood in a thorough dressing down.

The Marauders was one of the more dependable titles in the HoX/PoX era of X-title. This would be Captain Pryde and her pirates.

With Uncanny X-Men, pay special attention to the Pepe Larraz issues. He was hitting a new level.

Manga on the DL

It appears there’s now an unnannounced sale on Dark Horse manga.  Of these, our favorite is the old school classic Lone Wolf and Cub.

Other highlights:

Random Comic Strip Discounts

More random comic strip collections are on the cheap. Not every volume, but scroll through the list and you’ll see a few.

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Still on Sale

Comixology (at Amazon) Sales: Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Spider-Woman, Umbrella Academy, Black Hammer

In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, Luke Cage (Power Man) & Iron Fist get the discounts, plus Spider-Woman and Silk on the Marvel side. Dark Horse offers up the Black Hammer and Umbrella Academy. Meanwhile, the Batman Day Sale continues.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

So let’s talk about about the latest Comixology/Amazon navigation change, which Comixology was talking up on it’s Twitter. They’re trying to fix things, but it’s still a little odd.

The upshot is that they’re implementing a little better sorting.

  • Volumes in a title are now grouped together. (Not always in numerical order – that’s still handled poorly if there are more than 10 volumes.)
  • It’s sometimes in alphabetical order.  The tendency appears to be to have the highlighted title at the beginning and then slip in a… more alphabetical order later.  In the Batman Day Sale, they run all the collected editions and then run all the single issues after that.  In the Luke Cage sale, all Luke Cage/Power Man material comes before Iron Fist material, so it’s not really alphabetical.

It’s a little easier read, but the inconsistency with alphabetizing can be confusing.

The bad news is they removed to ability to change the display order. In other words, you can no longer search by publication date to see what the most recent book on sale is. (i.e., what just started to get discounted) You also can’t sort price (helpful for bargain hunting and to jump right to the $0.99 single issues when those are available). We have a philosophical problem with taking features away from users and we used those sorts.

On to the sales:


We broke down the big Batman Day Sale last time, but it’s still running. Click through for a closer look.

Batman: The Caped Crusader

Sweet Christmas!

The Marvel Luke Cage and Iron Fist Sale runs through Monday, 9/19.

The chronology moves something like this: Initially there was a Luke Cage, Hero For Hire. This eventually was retitled Power Man. Running in parallel was Iron Fist, first in Marvel Premiere, then in the Chris Claremont/John Byrne solo series. Then the two titles merged to form the off-beat Power Man and Iron Fist.  Power Man and Iron Fist might be best known for the Jo Duffy run, but it also has early work by Kurt Busiek, Priest and Denys Cowan, among others.

Power Man   Iron Fist   Power Man and Iron Fist

There have been a few revivals since, but the one that’s nearest to our heart is The Immortal Iron FistPeople are most familiar with the first half of the series, with the celebrated team of Ed Brubaker/Matt Fraction/David Aja. We’re here to tell you that the back half by Duane Swierczynski/Travel Foreman is also pretty darn good. Plus, more Fat Cobra! Don’t sleep on the back half.

Immortal Iron Fist

Along Came a Spider-Woman

The Marvel Spider-Woman Sale runs through Monday, 9/19.

Or maybe a Spider-Man/Silk sale if we want to be accurate.

So the sorting by series is broken here and the Spider-Woman titles are co-mingled, so let’s straighten that out:

Ditto for Silk. The “main” series are:

  • Silk ’15Robbie Thompson / Stacy Lee
  • Silk ’15-’17 – Robbie Thompson / Stacy Lee / Irene Strychalski
  • Silk ’21 – Maurene Goo / Takeshi Miyazawa (Amazon has the wrong creator credits)

And then when they list Silk: Out of the Spider-Verse, that’s really the two series that start in ’15 collected along with some other relevant Spider-Man/Spider-Verse titles.

What do we like out of this? We’re not really current on Spider-Woman/Silk, but we can tell you that the original Spider-Woman comic is a deeply weird book. Lots of magic early on. Morgan Le Fey, Werewolf By Night, The Brothers Grim. If you like the more bizarre corners of 70s Marvel for its strangeness, it’s worth a look.


Getting Hammered

The  Dark Horse World of Black Hammer Sale runs through Monday, 9/26.

This critical darling by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston is very much a world building experience.  Start with the core series and then branch to the spin-offs as the spotlighted characters catch your fancy.  There’s plenty of imagination to go around.

Black Hammer

Where’s My Umbrella?

The Umbrella Academy Sale runs through Monday, 10/17.

Why yes, there’s a new season on Netflix and we might even start on that tonight. Funny how sales line up with such things…

This one’s a lot easier to define: it’s a series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba about an extremely dysfunctional family of superhumans who are more than a little scarred by their adoptive upbringing.  One series link for the collected editions and no fuss.  Good comic, too. We enjoyed it.

Umbrella Academy

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Still On Sale