Comixology (at Amazon) Sales: Batman; Spider-Man; Resident Alien

In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, DC slashes prices on some newer titles, Marvel discounts Axis and a variety of clone adventures; Dark Horse cuts Resident Alien and Avatar the Last Airbender prices, too.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

But… Epic is a Marvel Brand?

Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo Danger Street World's Finest

The DC Epic eBooks Sale runs through Monday, 3/4.

Hard to see a theme here, though there are a few newer titles on sale, some for the first time at a deep discount.

Some annotations:

  • Batman & The Joker: Deadly Duo – Marc Silvestri’s high profile Batman project (we think this is the first discounting)
  • Batman: The Dark Detective – if you’re getting the ’90s Detective collections, there are three more for $3.99:
  • Batman: Earth One: Complete Collection – The Geoff Johns / Gary Frank trilogy in one volume for $5.99. You already know whether you want it.
  • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight – Brian Augustyn / Mike Mignola; The Victorian Batman Elseworlds, which just had an Andy Diggle-helmed sequel announced.
  • Danger Street – Tom King/Jorge Fornés using all the First Issue Special characters in one series, as the high concept. Again, we think this is the first discounting.
  • Far Sector – N.K. Jemisin / Jamal Campbell; Hugo winner! (Without voting shenanigans, either!)
  • Gotham City: Year One – Tom King / Phil Hestor; This is a noir detective story w/ Slam Bradley. And a good noir, too.
  • The Human Target – Tom King / Greg Smallwood. Great title… but is this an Elseworlds, now that the imprint is back?
  • Kamandi by Jack Kirby – The whole Kirby run is now available on the cheap. Think Kirby riffing on Planet of the Apes… but with the entire animal kingdom. Extremely fun title and Kirby’s longest running at DC.
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – Tom King / Bilquis Evely; James Gunn sure seems to like it!
  • World’s Finest – Mark Waid/Dan Mora show what the old school DC feel is like.

There’s a whole lot more to browse here. Lots of Batman/Superman/Nightwing, too.

Clone Wars… Nothing But Clone Wars

All-New Wolverine  Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga  Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic

The Marvel Clones Sale runs through Monday, 2/26.

Yes, yes… you’re initially thinking Spidey, but our favorite clone series might be the Tom Taylor / David Lopez / Juan Cabal run on All-New Wolverine. You know, the one where Logan’s clone daughter takes up the Wolverine mantel while he’s dead. It’s a very good comic. Astonishingly good when you consider it was almost there as a placeholder after the Death of Wolverine stunt. But what do we always say about Tom Taylor making lemonade? Drink up.

As for Spidey, before there was the “Clone Saga,” there was the original Clone Saga and there’s a couple ways you can get this. The Epic Collection with The Jackal’s initial clone plot by Gerry Conway & Ross Andru and several non-clone related tales as the Len Wein era begins. You can also opt for Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga which includes that Jackal tale, plus the Bill Mantlo / Jim Mooney arc from Peter Parker that introduces Carrion (and includes Frank Miller’s first Daredevil work), plus some later Gerry Conway/Sal Buscema Carrion appearances.  We’d probably go Clone Saga for Carrion and a few more pages at the same price, but there’s not really a wrong answer there.

As for the 90s Clone Saga.  Again, you have options:

  • The Complete Clone Saga – and that’s a lot of clones
  • The Complete Ben Reilly Epic – because Ben Reilly was Spidey in the aftermath of the Clone Saga
  • Spider-Man: The Real Clone Saga – Years later, Tom DeFalco, Howard Mackie and Todd Nauck get back together to tell the story of Clone Saga with the original ending, before Marvel’s marketing department decided the storyline needed to be extended.

There’s a bit more to it, but we’d call those the highlights.

OK Axis, Here We Come

Uncanny Avengers Access Prelude  Avengers & X-Men: Axis

The Marvel Axis Sale runs through Monday, 2/26.

What’s Axis? It was an Avengers / X-Men team-up event spinning out of Uncanny Avengers and dealing with the (then) ongoing situation of the Red Skull stealing Xavier’s powers and becoming Onslaught.

The run-up to the Event, Uncanny Avengers: Axis Prelude is probably a little more appropriate here than the usual “Road to” offering.  This is by Rick Remender / Salvador Larroca / Daniel Acuna / Sanford Greene .

The main event is Avengers & X-Men: Axis by Remender /Lienil Francis Yu / Terry Dodson / Jim Cheung.

Grimm Negaband Sale

Grimm Spotlight

The Zenoscope Grimm Spotlight Sale runs through Wednesday,  3/6… but there’s a catch…

Amazon has placed this sale on the same URL as the Media Do Valentine’s Day Fair BL Sale.  (And we’re not sure those sales appeal to the same demographic, either.)  So, whichever one you’re looking for, if you see the other, reload a few times and the sale you seek should eventually appear as you appreciate the attention to detail paid by whoever assigned the URLs!

Incidentally, this is a small sale on – you guessed it – Grimm Spotlight.

Unlisted Dark Horse Sales

Resident Alien  Avatar: The Last Airbender

The know the drill on this – we’re not 100% sure how long these sales are going to last, but the discounts are there.  This time out… TV tie-in sales!

Resident Alien 

This Peter Hogan / Steve Parkhouse comic was around before the TV show. The Omnibus editions are the better buy for V. 1-6; V. 7 needs to be bought as a “regular” volume.

Funny this should go on sale when the first two seasons hit Netflix and the third season hits SyFy.  Must be a coincidence…

Avatar the Last Airbender

The Omnibus editions are the better buy here. And yes, many of them are by the team of Gene Yang and Gurihiru.

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