Comixology (at Amazon) Sales – The Ultimates / Marvel Ultimate Universe; Original Sin; Marvel Manga

In this week’s Comixology (at Amazon) sales, it’s a Marvel week: The Ultimates, Original Sin and Marvel Manga are the new additions to the deal pile.

Where did the New Releases and Sale pages go?

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In case you’re having troubles with the new UIX (a LOT of people have been):

The “Other” Avengers

The Marvel Ultimates & the Ultimate Universe Sale runs through Monday, 6/19.

As you’ve probably heard, Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch (we’ll come back to those names) are re-launching the Ultimate Universe in some fashion in a few months.

Last week, we had the Ultimate Spider-Man sale. We suspect in the next week or two, we’ll have Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men sales. This week, it’s The Ultimates, who are the Avengers of that universe… and that series, particularly the first couple installments, was extremely influential on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And yes, you’re going to be seeing a parade of A-list artists.

The core material here is the Mike Millar-penned Ultimates material.  His run is:

Hitch drew those iconic first two volumes, but you might reasonable be curious what Mr. Hickman was doing when he wrote for the Ultimate line:

There’s actually a lot of good stuff to browse here, but it comes with a warning. (How often do we issue a warning?) You don’t want Jeph Loeb in the Ultimate Universe. Nope. It’s not Long Halloween. You also don’t want the Orson Scott Card Iron Man. Marvel probably thought they were getting Ender and it is NOT.

Ultimates   The Ultimates 2   Ultimate Comics - The Ultimates

Born This Way

The Marvel Original Sin Sale runs through Monday, 6/19.

This would be the Marvel Event by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato where the Marvel heroes investigate the murder of The Watcher.

Original Sin is the core series.

Original Sin: Hulk Vs. Iron Man by Mark Waid, Kieron Gillen and Mark Bagley is really Original Sin 3.1-3.4

Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm by Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Simone Bianchi and Lee Garbett is really Original Sin 5.1 – 5.5

As with most Marvel Events, there are plenty of tie-ins and all manner ways to read them (that involve flipping between collections), but that’s the most central set.

Original Sin   Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man   Original Sin: Thor & Loki

Special Export

The Viz Marvel Manga Sale runs through Tuesday, 6/20.

That’s right. Spidey and Deadpool from Viz.

Deadpool: Samurai   Spider-Man: Fake Red   Marvel's Secret Reverse

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